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When you want to increase your breast size naturally, there are so many ways to go about it. You can use creams, gels, home remedies, exercises, and supplements. While you are doing all these, your eating habits must also change. You should increase the intake of foods that will boost estrogen levels in the body. Such foods include:

Soy Milk And Soy Beans

These soy products have been found to promote breast growth gradually when used consistently. The reason for this is that they are full of phytoestrogens which is a hormone that promotes breasts growth. This hormone works like estrogen, and it is very effective.


Bananas are great when it comes to increasing the fat content in the body. Typically, a large part of the breast is made of fatty tissues. When a person loses body fats, one of the places that are affected is the breast. Therefore, instead of opting for unhealthy choices to get fats, always go for bananas. They will not just benefit your breast but your entire body. Remember, it has a rich supply of potassium which has numerous advantages.


There have been numerous studies done on breast enhancement, and radish has been found to be very dependable in natural breast enhancement. Radish has astringent properties, and it works wonderfully to boost the supply of blood to local tissues as well as those found in the breasts. With an enhanced blood flow, breast growth is inevitable.

Seeds That Promote Estrogen Levels

Some seeds are excellent in increasing the level of estrogen in the body. Some of these seeds are sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, and anise seeds just to mention a few. You can take these seeds with your favorite snack or salad. Take them as often as you can and consistently to have great results.


Tofu has been known to work wonders when trying to increase the size of the breast naturally. This is because it is one of the meals that have the highest quantities of estrogen. Other than this, it is also rich in protein and is very low in fats. This makes it perfect. It will give you results a lot faster.


Fruits are healthy and very necessary to nourish your body, boost your immunity, and keep you healthy. There are some fruits like apples, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and plums that play a very important in increasing the levels of estrogen in the body. Therefore, increasing their intake and taking them regularly will ensure that you get faster results.

Cashew Nuts

Nuts like cashew nuts contain high levels of estrogen. It is recommended that you take a handful of cashew nuts as you head to bet at night. As you rest, the levels of estrogen will peak, and the body will use it to trigger breast growth. It is a slow process, but with consistency and dedication, the results will be seen.


When you increase the intake of these foods and the levels of estrogen keep rising in your body, breast growth will be stimulated. As you constantly intake them I large quantities, you will witness gradual growth.